"Natalia Ferreiro"

Natalia Ferreiro was born Natalia Camoiras y Ferreiro in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She was raised in Vienna, VA, and began her singing career in a local Catholic Church. By the time she was in high school, Natalia had, “discovered the stage as my second home.”

Natalia Ferreiro graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She has performed in a variety of singing styles, including classical, musical theater, pop, country, and art song.  She has won awards and received praise for her natural singing abilities, including placing in a local Lions Club competition and two National NATS competitions in the Musical Theater category.

Onscreen, Natalia continues to explore a variety of roles that showcase her extraordinary, and versatile acting talents. After moving to Los Angeles in early 2010, she has been seen in multiple short films, Spanish period pieces, web series, commercials, TV series, and feature films.
Natalia Ferreiro is represented Theatrically by Almond Talent, and Commercially by Avalon Artists Group.

Source : http://www.nataliaferreiro.com/


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