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"Kisah Bunga Mawar dan Pohon Bambu"

Di sebuah taman, terdapat taman bunga mawar yang sedang berbunga. Mawar-mawar itu mengeluarkan aroma yang sangat harum. Dengan warna-warni yang cantik, banyak orang yang berhenti untuk memuji sang mawar. Tidak sedikit pengunjung taman meluangkan waktu untuk berfoto di depan atau di samping taman mawar. Bunga mawar memang memiliki daya tarik yang menawan, semua orang suka mawar, itulah salah satu lambang cinta.
Sementara itu, di sisi lain taman, ada sekelompok pohon bambu yang tampak membosankan. Dari hari ke hari, bentuk pohon bambu yang begitu saja, tidak ada bunga yang mekar atau aroma wangi yang disukai banyak orang. Tidak ada orang yang memuji pohon bambu. Tidak ada orang yang mau berfoto di samping pohon bambu. Maka tak heran jika pohon bambu selalu cemburu saat melihat taman mawar dikerumuni banyak orang.

“Hai bunga mawar,” ujar sang bambu pada suatu hari. “Tahukah kau, aku selalu ingin sepertimu. Berbunga dengan indah, memiliki aroma yang harum, selalu dipuji can…

"Cara Agar Mendapatkan Anak Perempuan"

Pada artikel sebelumnya, telah dikupas mengenai cara agar mendapatkan anak laki-laki. Bagaimana bila Anda justru ingin anak perempuan? Berikut adalah kiatnya:

Lakukan hubungan seks dengan pasangan Anda 2,5 sampai 3 hari sebelum ovulasi (pelepasan sel telur). Jangan lakukan sesudahnya.

Mengapa demikian?
Usia sperma berisi gen laki-laki (sperma Y) hanya tiga hari, sedangkan sperma berisi gen perempuan (sperma X) bisa bertahan sampai lima hari. Pada hari ketiga setelah hubungan seksual, kemungkinan besar tinggal sperma X yang masih kuat untuk “beradu” merebut sel telur. Sisa-sisa sperma Y yang masih hidup tinggal sedikit dan tidak cukup kuat bersaing.
Untuk mengetahui kapan saat ovulasi dan makanan apa yang mendukung aktivitas sperma X, silakan baca artikel sebelumnya.

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"Nikki Reed"

Nicole Houston "Nikki" Reed (born May 17, 1988) is an American film and television actress, screenwriter and model. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, in which she co-starred and co-wrote the screenplay. Reed has since appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini's First Time. She also portrays Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga.

She is married to musician Paul McDonald.

Reed was born in West Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Cheryl Houston, a beautician, and Seth Reed, a set designer. She has an older brother, Nathan August Reed. Her father is Jewish, and her mother, who is of Cherokee and Italian descent, is Christian; Reed was raised without religion, though she has described herself as "Jewish" and grew up around Judaism (her brother had a Bar Mitzvah).

Reed has stated that her early home life was "complicated." Her parents divorced when Reed was two years old, and she was raised solel…

"Kellan Lutz"

Kellan Christopher Lutz (born March 15, 1985) is an American fashion model and actor for television and films, who is best known for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga film series.

Lutz has one sister and six brothers. He was born in Dickinson, North Dakota, and was raised throughout North Dakota, the Midwest, and Arizona. After graduating from high school he moved to California to attend Chapman University for chemical engineering, but later decided to pursue an acting career instead.

Lutz has acted on a number of television shows. He had recurring roles on Model Citizens and The Comeback, and smaller roles in episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, CSI: NY, Summerland, Six Feet Under, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Heroes. He was also in the films Stick It, Accepted, and Prom Night. Additionally, Lutz has performed on the California stage and was the host of Bravo's Blow Out. He also appeared in the 2006 commercial for Hilary Duff's fragrance With Love... Hilar…

"Melanie Lynskey"

Melanie Jayne Lynskey (born 16 May 1977) is a New Zealand actress, best known for playing Charlie and Alan's neighbor Rose on Two and a Half Men and for her portrayal of Pauline Parker in the 1994 film Heavenly Creatures.

She has also played a range of characters in films such as Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Win Win, Up in the Air, The Informant!, Away We Go, Flags of Our Fathers, Shattered Glass, Sweet Home Alabama, Coyote Ugly and Ever After.

Lynskey was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand. She attended New Plymouth Girls' High School.

In 1993, at the age of 16, Lynskey won her first professional acting role as Pauline Parker in the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures, based on the 1954 Parker-Hulme murder, opposite Kate Winslet. Over 500 young actors auditioned for the role before Lynskey was cast with Jackson recalling "we knew if we cast an intelligent person, then they were going to hit it. Melanie's also very enigmatic. So what we were looking fo…

"Jackson Rathbone"

Monroe Jackson Rathbone V (born December 14, 1984), better known as Jackson Rathbone, is an American actor and musician. He is perhaps best known for his role as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga and for playing Sokka in The Last Airbender.

Rathbone was born in Singapore, the son of American parents Randee Lynn (née Brauner) and Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV. His great-grandfather, Monroe Jackson Rathbone II, was the chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey, which later became Exxon; Rathbone is also distantly related to Civil War general Stonewall Jackson and a third cousin of the famous British actor Basil Rathbone. Because of his father's job at Mobil Oil, Rathbone has lived in places ranging from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. He started out in local theater in Midland with the youth actors program "The Pickwick Players", initially doing musical theatre. For his junior and senior years of high school, Rathbone attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, a private school for the …

"Downtown Drift"

Description Put your pedal to the metal and master the art of the drift.
How to Play Tear around the track and defeat your racing rivals in this fast-paced racing game. Drift around the corners to keep your speed up. Drive through the icons scattered across the track to repair your car, pick up cash, and open mystery prizes. A win on each track will unlock the next one, as well as cool new cars. Do you have what it takes to be master the drift? Arrows = Drive Space/X = Drift R = Reset Position C = Rear Camera View M = Mute The 3D features in this game require a Unity plug-in. Download it now for an amazing gaming experience!

"Secret Book"

Description Open a dusty, long-forgotten tome, and find yourself...sucked in!
How to Play Celine always dreamed of a great adventure. After reading a mysterious book in a neglected corner of the library, she's got her wish! Explore an alternate realm within the book—where dragons and fairies really do exist. Help Celine find her way back home by doing favors for the realm's inhabitants. Scour each scene for all hidden objects, and live out the adventure!

"Famous Date Dress Up"

Description How sharp is your eye for style?
How to Play Test your style memory in this dress-up game with a twist! You get to see one look for 10 seconds—then you have to copy it exactly. If you get your hair, clothes, and accessories right, you and your celebrity date are sure to get off on the right foot.

"Gunshot Cowboy"

Description When the going gets tough, the tough see red!
How to Play Conquer the Wild West armed only with your trusty six-shooter. This side-scrolling adventure takes you through rough terrain, as you gun your way through hordes of enemies. Use your mouse to aim, then click to shoot. When there are too many enemies, slow down time by pressing Space to activate red-eye rage. Mouse = Aim & Shoot

"Daniela Hantuchová"

Daniela Hantuchová (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈdaɲi̯ɛla ˈɦantuxɔvaː]; born 23 April 1983) is a Slovak professional tennis player. She is currently coached by Larri Passos. Her WTA Tour mentor in the "Partners for Success" program was Martina Navrátilová, who was her doubles partner for a brief period in early 2005. As of November 5, 2012, Hantuchová is ranked World No. 32 in singles. She turned professional in 1999 and had her breakthrough year in 2002, when she won her first Tier I tournament and ended the year in the top 10.

In 2005, she became the fifth female tennis player to win the mixed doubles title in all four Grand Slam tournaments during her career.

Hantuchová was born in Poprad, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) to father Igor, a computer scientist, and mother Marianna, a toxicologist.

When her parents split up in 2003, Hantuchová's performances temporarily worsened. At Wimbledon that year, she failed to convert several match points and was seen weeping on court. S…

"Anda Lebih Penting Dari Masalah Anda"

Proses pertumbuhan dan belajar selalu melibatkan resiko. Keberanian memberi anda kekuatan untuk menghadapi kesulitan-kesulitan. Keberanian berasal dari pikiran anda yang jauh lebih bertenaga daripada lingkungan luar anda.

Bila anda menyadari bahwa betapa besarnya anda dibanding persoalan yang ada, maka anda akan mendapatkan keberanian untuk mengatasinya. Rintangan akan selalu tampak besar atau kecil sesuai dengan penglihatan anda. Keberanian adalah kapasitas untuk menghadapi apa yang terbayangkan. Ia akan memberi anda kemampuan untuk mengatasi kenyataan. Melewati rintangan adalah buah dari pencapaian, buah dari keberhasilan. Lihatlah persoalan sebagaimana yang anda inginkan, bukan sebagaimana yang tampak. Sumber: Daily Motivation

"Cara Agar Mendapat Anak Laki-Laki"

Bagaimana agar Anda memiliki anak laki-laki? Caranya mudah, meskipun tentu saja tidak memberikan jaminan 100%. Berikut adalah kiatnya: Lakukan hubungan seks dengan pasangan Anda 24 jam sebelum ovulasi (pelepasan sel telur) dan maksimum 12 jam setelahnya. Jangan lakukan di luar periode itu.

Mengapa demikian? Sperma berisi gen laki-laki (sperma Y) berenang lebih gesit daripada sperma berisi gen perempuan (sperma X), karena sperma Y membawa materi gen yang lebih sedikit. Bila keduanya “diadu” maka sperma Y akan mencapai sel telur lebih cepat. Namun, usia sperma Y hanya tiga hari, sedangkan sperma X lima hari. Usia sel telur hanya 12-24 jam. Bila hubungan dilakukan lebih dari 2 hari sebelum ovulasi, kemungkinan yang masih hidup di rahim tinggal sperma X. Bila hubungan dilakukan 12 jam setelah ovulasi, makan kemungkinan sel telur sudah mati.
Kiatnya memang mudah, namun tidak semudah itu dalam pelaksanaannya karena kesulitan untuk menentukan tanggal ovulasi.
Bagaimana menentukan…

"Selamat Tahun Baru 1434 H"


"Kawaguchi Haruna"

Haruna Kawaguchi(川口 春奈Kawaguchi Haruna?, born February 10, 1995 in Gotō, Nagasaki) is a Japanese model and actress under the Ken-On agency.

TV serialsTokyo Dogs (Fuji TV, 2009) as Karin TakakuraNakanai to Kimeta Hi (Fuji TV, 2010) as Ai KakutaHatsukoi Chronicle (BS Fuji, 2010) as Misaki SatouraYankee-kun to Megane-chanFlunk Punk Rumble (TBS, 2010) as Rinka HimejiOuran High School Host Club (TBS, 2011) as Haruhi FujiokaHoukagou wa Mystery to tomo ni (TBS, 2012) as Ryo KirigamineGTO (Fuji TV, 2012) as Aizawa Miyabi
FilmsMoshidora (2011)POV: Norowareta Film (2012) CommercialsPocari Sweat (2009)Mitsui ReHouse (2009) 13th ReHouse GirlLISMO (2009 - )Mitsui Fudosan (2010)Jagarico(2010 -, calbee)Pantene(2011 -, P&G)Blu-ray Disc Recorder(2011 -, SONY)
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