"Cortney Palm"

Date of Birth 20 February 1987, Colorado, USA
Height 5' 7" (1.7 m)

Theatrically trained, Cortney has played roles from Moliere to Lillian Hellman while in her undergrad at California Lutheran University. She quickly gained acclaim in the film industry with her titular role in SUSHI GIRL catapulting her into other memorable roles such as Maria who gets thrown into a wood chipper by a deranged Santa Clause in SILENT NIGHT and lead roles such as Daniela in Tourbillon and Zoe in the comedy-horror (with a viral trailer) Zombeavers. Cortney is also known for her appearance in The Purge Anarchy.

During her undergrad, Cortney studied classical theater from around the globe on up to film acting techniques with Joshua Finkle and Michael Cain. She was nominated for an Irene Ryan Award for her performance in the Black Box production of TAPE, and was awarded Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress by her peers for her performances during school. Once out of school she trained under Yonda Davis at the Ivana Chubbuck acting studio, and Rick Walters at Theatercraft Playhouse.

With a masters degree in forensic psychology, Cortney blends the danger of a young Angelina Jolie and the grace and beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Cortney is able to hone in those skills and make her CIA/Detective characters come to life with that experience for roles such as Evelyn in Paradise and Kate in Bond: Kizuna (2015) where she utilizes her gymnastics background to perform her martial arts stunts.

When Cortney is not acting she is known for flipping on her trampoline or taking her three dogs outside for a walk. She is a risk taker who can be found in Puerto Vallarta bungee jumping, in San Diego Skydiving or in Kauai cliff jumping. She loves vegan food and can be found eating an entire pint of coconut cream ice cream when she isn't downing a horribly-made green drink in her Vitamix.

Source : http://www.imdb.com/

2006: The Woodland Haunting 2
2007: Superbad
2009: Lost Soul
2009: Sunday Morning High
2009: Where’s Tuesday Monday?
2010: Alice im Wunderland (Alice in Wonderland)
2010: Fragile Hearts
2010: Slings and Arrows
2010: The Haymaker
2011: $lowdown
2011: Denton Rose’s Short’s
2011: Losing Ferguson
2011: See How They Run
2012: Sushi Girl
2012: Silent Night
2012: The Hit Girl
2012: Gemini Rising
2012: Hallow Pointe
2013: Everlasting
2014: Zombiber (Zombeavers)

Source : http://de.wikipedia.org/


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